Nature Vancouver Field Trip


We are a Vancouver, BC-based nature organization with a focus on education and outdoor activities.

We offer a variety of activities including an EVENING SPEAKER SERIES from September to April, WORKSHOPS, walks and hikes throughout the year, backpacking and camping TRIPS, an annual SUMMER CAMP, and more.

We have individual Sections that provide a greater focus in specific areas of nature including BIRDINGBOTANY, CONSERVATION, GEOLOGY, MARINE BIOLOGY, and PHOTOGRAPHY.

Whether you are just discovering the natural beauty of Vancouver and BC or are an experienced naturalist, we know you will enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie of Nature Vancouver.


The 2018 International Ornithological Congress will take place Aug 19-26 in Vancouver.  The program includes four public events that may be of interest to NV members:

  1. Bird Expo (Aug 23-25th, click the link for details)
  2. Birds For Peace (Aug 23 @7PM admission $25)
  3. Birds of a Feather: Benefits of Protecting Biodiversity (Aug 24 @7PM, admission $25)
  4. The Genius of Birds (Aug 25 @7PM, admission $25)



Top photo by Bill Kinkaid