Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors meeting minutes available upon request. Please contact our Recording Secretary. Your 2017/2018 Board of Directors are listed below. Click on a name for email.

President: Bill Kinkaid

Privacy Policy Administrator; Hiking and Backpacking Team Leader; Representative to BC Nature 

Past President: Daphne Nagorsen

Vice President: Bengul Kurtar

Social Media Coordinator; liaison with Botany Section Committee; liaison with Field Trip Coordinator

Secretary/Treasurer: Jeremy McCall 

Vancouver Naturalist liaison; Editor of Discovery 

Recording Secretary: Daphne Nagorsen

Website Coordinator; Reference Binder Coordinator; Archivist

Director: Helen Aqua

Membership Secretary; Outreach Coordinator; Social Coordinator; Volunteer Coordinator; liaison with NatureKids BC

Director: Colin Clasen

Director at large

Director: David Cook 

Geology Section Chair; Editor of Nature Notes for Discovery

Director: Harry Crosby

Conservation Coordinator 

Director: Jude Grass

Birding Section Chair; Coordinator of General Evening Programs and Education Workshops

Director: Joan Lopez

Marine Biology Section Chair

Director: Nigel Peck

Camp Committee Chair

Director: Bev Ramey

Representative to BC Nature; 100th Anniversary Committee Chair