Marine Biology Programs 

The evening programs of the Marine Biology Section are held from January through April and September through December on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Unitarian Centre, 949 49th Ave W (49th at Oak), Vancouver. These programs are open to the public and members are encouraged to invite their friends. For more information and suggestions for future programs please contact the Program Co-ordinator Joan Lopez at 604-682-1617.

Thursday, November 10
Ecology of Salmonids in Estuaries Around the World
Dr. Colin Levings

Biologists have long marveled at how anadramous salmonids - fish that pass from rivers to oceans and back - survive as they migrate between these two very different environments. Yet, relatively little is understood about what happens to salmonids in the estuaries where they make this transition from fresh to salt water as young fish and make the reverse migrations as adults. Based on his recent book published by UBC Press, Coling Levings will present an overview of our current knowledge of how salmonid species around the world (including salmon, steelhead, char and trout) are adapted to estuaries. Anadramous salmonids are expanding their world range and are now found on all continents except Africa and Antartica. He will also discuss the wide diversity of estuary types found on various continents as well as the estuarine habitats used by salmonids. His review of the world literature found that as our knowledge of estuaries and salmonids expands, researchers are realizing the important linkages between rivers, estuaries and the oceans.

Dr. Levings works at the Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) lab in West Vancouver, now as a Scientist Emeritus. His is also an adjunct Faculty Member in the Insititute for Resources, Environments and Sustainability at UBC.

Ecology of Salmonids in Estuaries Around the World will be available for sale.  

Thursday, January 12
Sea Otters
Leah Honka

Leah studied sea otters for her Master of Science Degree at Simon Fraser University. She will share her knowedge of and research on these charismatic ocean creaturs. Leah is empoyed with Pacific Salmon Foundation.


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Thursday, February 9
Photogrammetry of Cetaceans
Dr. Lance Barrett-Lenard

In recent years, Dr. Lance Barrett Lenard, along with colleagues, has been studying cetaceans from the air - with a drone specially equipped with a camera. Photographing and videoing whales from above is providing valuable information on body condition, size and behaviours that are impossible to observe in any other way, with neglible impact on the animals being studied.

Dr. Lance Barrett- Lenard is the Senior Research Scientist at the Vancouver Aquarium's Cetacean Research Lab.  


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Thursday, March 9
Diving in Indonesia
Jennifer Ingram

Jennifer is an avid traveller, scuba diver, and underwater videographer. Be prepared to share in the beauty of this remote diving destination.


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